Special issue of theMexican Journal of Behavior AnalysisThis special issue covers topics similar to those of the 2016 SQAB conference: persistence and relapse. 

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Matching Law Analysis Tools

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Basic Behavioral Processes Lab.

Behavioral Economics Lab, Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Psychology, PI: Leonard Green, PhD.

Operant Behavioral Research Lab, Arizona State University, Department of Psychology, PI: Peter Killeen, PhD.

Behavioural Ecolocy Research Group, University of Oxford, Department of Zoology, PI: Alex Kacelnik, PhD.

Quantitative Analysis of Behavior Laboratory, West Virginia University, Department of Psychology, PI: Elizabeth Kyonka, PhD.

Basic Behavioral Processes Lab​, Arizona State University, Department of Psychology, PI: Federico Sanabria, PhD.

Avian Visual Cognition Lab​, Tufts University, Department of Psychology, PI: Robert Cook, PhD.

Lab Pages from Members of SQAB:

Alcohol Lab, The College of New Jersey, Department of Psychology, PI: Margaret Martinetti, PhD.

Nevin, John A. (2015). Behavioral momentum: A scientific metaphor. Self-published.

Available for purchasehere.

Discounting Analysis Tools

Stein, J. S., Koffarnus, M. N., Snider, S. E., Quisenberry, A. J., & Bickel, W. K. (2015). Nonsystematic Purchase Task Data Identification Tool: Supplement to Stein, Koffarnus, Snider, Quisenberry, & Bickel.

Applied Behavioral Economics Laboratory, University of Kansas, Department of Applied Behavioral Science, PI: Derek Reed, PhD, BCBA-D.

Kaplan, B. A., Lemley, S. M., Reed, D. D., & Jarmolowicz, D. P. (2014). 21- and 27-item monetary choice questionnaire automated scorers.

Demand Curve Analysis Tools

Gilroy, S. P., Franck, C. T. & Hantula, D. A. (2017). Discounting Model Selector (Web).

Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Research Group, The University of Auckland, School of Psychology, Deputy Director: Michael Davison, PhD.

Society for the Quantitative Analyses of Behavior